Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Football is a game. Some say it's a game that is a microcosm of life...replete with challenges, opportunities, rewards, and individual & team accomplishments & disappointments. But games always have obvious & easily identifiable winners and losers, while life sometimes makes it hard to see who won and who lost.

Today, a winner is no longer with us. A loving father and stellar athlete was tragically snatched away from us...way too soon. Sean Taylor was a winner...and not only is his death a loss to his family, friends, and Redskins Nation, but also a loss to the NFC East and those of us who enjoyed what he brought to the greatest rivalry in the history of sports...Redskins v Cowboys.

Hence, Cowboys Pride takes this moment (and others to follow) to honor & salute Sean and to express our condolences to all connected with him. We share the loss!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Why all the Hate?


Why is it that as Cowboys Fans, we cannot express our positive feelings towards another team?

Why is it that as Cowboys Fans we are called Fake and that we are on the Bandwagon?

Why is that?

Is it because we have 5 rings? Is it because we are known as "America's Team?

I was told that I am a faker, cause I expressed my feelings of another team?

I was told that we have Crappy Fans and Coaches too.

Well you wanna know what I think? I think that these so called fans that say this about my team are dead wrong, I think that they are jealous of the Cowboys and hate the fact that the Cowboys get so much attention.

Screw them is what I say. You don't have to like me and you certainly don't have to like the Cowboys. But don't you dare call me fake! You Fakers!

You know..the Cowboys have class, and just because your fans don't, kiss my ... (I know Reg, I didn't say it)

It just really makes me mad. Yes, I know that we all have opinions...But I thought that we were all entitled to one? Not just the haters?

Oh, well...We will see who's talking once the Cowboys are in the Super Bowl and the haters are left at HOME not in the Super Bowl...

We will see who's talking trash then...

Anyways, end of rant...


Saturday, November 17, 2007


The last "Busch race" and the last "Nextel Cup" race... 2008 will be an interesting year with all the changes happening. No more "current car" as all of the races next year will be in the dreaded and controversial COT.

Busch is out of there, Nationwide will be coming in next year as the Series sponsor, and we'll also have the Sprint Cup Series next year also.

Tomorrow is Dale Jr's final race in the Bud car, so here to a great race for Jr as this year has been just terrible for the guy. I bet he can't wait to start racing as an HMS driver and win again! :)

Who'll be crowned champion tomorrow? We don't know yet, but we all know who should be champion. My personal opinion should be obvious on this. Fuck the CHASE!!!

Several other drivers are jumping to other teams... Kyle.. see ya! Stemme... where will he be at? W. Burton is out too as is T. Raines. Lots and lots of changes with the drivers and sponsors... remember, Bud has a new driver next year.... Kasey Kahne who doesn't look old enough to even drink ha. Let's see... Gibbs to Toyota.. what a joke. Don't forget all the open wheel drivers coming to Nascar... Hornish Jr, the guy with the french name... Jacque Villaneuve or some crap, and Mr. Ashley Judd (this year's Indy champ)

I'm a little excited about 2008 already, mostly I just want to see how Dale Jr will do. He'll be in the 88 Amp/National Guard car so keep an eye out for the flying cans of mountain dew and amp at Dega next year when Jeff still beats Jr =P No more "sea or red" yay!

.... so yeah, sad the season is almost over. I hate the off season... but atleast I got the Dallas Cowboys to root for.

Go big D!!!

p.s. Go 24! Refuse to lose god fucking dammit!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


The No. 25 Chevrolet will make its final start for Hendrick Motorsports Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Hendrick Motorsports first entered the No. 25 Chevy in the 1986 Daytona 500 with Tim Richmond behind the wheel. The No. 25 has had 11 different drivers, including car owner Rick Hendrick, in 656 starts. Six drivers have visited victory lane with the No. 25 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet, with Casey Mears adding win No. 17 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May.


The mission is not impossible, but it most certainly is challenging.

For Jeff Gordon to win his fifth NASCAR Nextel Cup Series championship, he'll need to overcome an 86-point deficit to standings leader Jimmie Johnson on Sunday, in the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

For that to happen, Gordon likely will need some luck. Gordon has "out-pointed" Johnson four times this year: At the Daytona 500, the first Texas race, the first Pocono race and at Indianapolis.

Johnson has four DNFs this season. Three came in the aforementioned races.
Gordon has out-pointed Johnson once in the six head-to-head meetings between the two at Homestead-Miami Speedway -- in 2005. Gordon finished ninth that race, while Johnson suffered a DNF and 40th-place finish.
From a look at Loop Data statistics over the past two Homestead races (NASCAR started using scoring loops embedded under the track for statistical purposes in 2005), Gordon has a slight advantage over Johnson. He'll need the gap to widen Sunday afternoon in order to make a historic comeback.
Below are the last two Homestead performances for Gordon and Johnson:
The previous numbers suggest Gordon is more likely to prevail in the race. They also suggest that both have had Homestead struggles. In other words: This championship's not over, by any means.

2007 has been a statistically banner year for Nextel Cup Series drivers.
Going into this weekend's race, 2007 drivers litter the young Loop Data record books. NASCAR started taking Loop Data in 2005. To the right are the season-bests in a few key categories (along with notable rankings from 2007 performances).

To earn top marks in each category:
• Johnson needs a Driver Rating of 25.2 or greater Sunday to stay ahead of Tony Stewart's 2005 performance.
• Johnson needs one more Fastest Lap Run on Sunday.
• Gordon needs an Average Running Position of 2.994 or better on Sunday to catch Tony Stewart's 2005 performance.

Damn Nascar

Let me tell you how disappointed I am in this years Chase for the Cup...I am profoundly disgusted..The fact is I can't stand Jimmie Johnson. I think that he has the personality of a Rock...Not Dwayne Johnson either...but a freaking pebble...

I am a huge Jeff Gordon fan, and since he is going to get robbed again of the Championship this year...I would muc rather see anyone win but Jimmie Johnson...just saying his name makes me want to throw up...I would even rather see Tony "Fat-Boy" Stewart win...and that's saying something.

Well, I will post more later on.