Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Football is a game. Some say it's a game that is a microcosm of life...replete with challenges, opportunities, rewards, and individual & team accomplishments & disappointments. But games always have obvious & easily identifiable winners and losers, while life sometimes makes it hard to see who won and who lost.

Today, a winner is no longer with us. A loving father and stellar athlete was tragically snatched away from us...way too soon. Sean Taylor was a winner...and not only is his death a loss to his family, friends, and Redskins Nation, but also a loss to the NFC East and those of us who enjoyed what he brought to the greatest rivalry in the history of sports...Redskins v Cowboys.

Hence, Cowboys Pride takes this moment (and others to follow) to honor & salute Sean and to express our condolences to all connected with him. We share the loss!


Ray said...

great article KK

its so sad he is gone

DaveTroll said...

Nice post KK!

I am keeping the colors on my blog after Monday.