Sunday, March 23, 2008


I want to take a minute and thank Jerry Nadeau for being able to spend a few minutes with me and sharing his thoughts on a few questions from friends...

W8Lifter (from across the border) would like to know:

Who is the most competitive driver you ever raced against and why would you single him/her out from the others?

Jerry: I would have to say T. Stewart... he is very aggresive and an all around good racer in any car he drives.

Mike would like to know:

What did you want to do with your life besides be a nascar driver?

Jerry: To be a good Dad to my Daughter and to have a great life with my future Wife Amanda and what ever i choose to carry on in life.

Deb from Cleveland would like to know:

You know what I would like to do you learn your skill. Where do you learn what it takes to prepare your body and your mind for those incredible speeds?
you wear so much protective outerwear.....does your body get overheated? How do you keep it cool?

Jerry: As far as being a racer...I've raced since I was 4 years old... its part of you...the heat, you get pretty used to it...I used to roof houses when I was 13 years old, so I'm used to the heat and far as keeping cool, everybody has a helmet air conditioner and also they drink plenty of water.

Smashmouth would like to know:

Did anyone besides Dale SR. intimadate you as a professional NASCAR driver. What drivers IYO took the greatest risk out there on the track. What drivers of today will we be talking about 10-20 years from now.

Jerry: Hard to say...everybody is a little different...most of them belong out there...some of them you dont really care to race side by side with... but there was only one Dale Earnhardt...I think Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch are racers that you will hear about in 10 years...also I'm sure there are other great racers on the way up.

Reg from Detroit, MI would like to know:

What is your response to those who say that race car drivers aren't really athletes?

Jerry: Ok, sit inside my racecar driving 180 mph with 43 guys and its 140 degrees in the car and you also have a three layer suit on with sweat getting in your eyes and let me know if we are athletes.

Hello from Mechanicsville, PA would like to know:

Jerry, since your accident in Richmond I have noticed you have been recovering using sim racing games. How well has that helped you and do you hope to someday return to racing?

If you were to give advice to a young driver working his or her way through the dirt roots racing and trying to get to asphalt racing, what would be the best advice to give them?

Jerry: The sim racing games these days help alot...I was always a gamer before I actually made it into the scene...I do think most of the young guys on their way up and some of the guys allready there mess around alot with online racing... it gets pretty competitive...I dont think I will ever get back to where I was...but racing will always be there...I'm sure I will do some kart racing or late model racing somewhere...As far as a driver doing dirt and going asphalt...its actually better...You get a better feel on the dirt tracks...slingin the car around.. its more forgiving...when you go to asphalt...yes the car has more grip and is less forgiving..but you can carry what you learned on dirt to asphalt much far as correcting the car in a slide...being very smooth helps too.

ZebFan06 would like to know:

In retrospect, is there anything you had regretted in NASCAR up to the point of your injury?

What is your view on the current chase system?

Jerry: No there is nothing that I really regret ... I think that the Chase format is good...I think that it makes it more interesting..don't you think?

Patsfan1002 would like to know:

From what I've last heard since your accident you had been doing some mentoring for young drivers, is that still true?

Jerry: I have helped a couple guys out but I am still trying to figure out whats best for me right now... I still enjoy giving advice to the guys or girls on there way up the ladder.

KingKaysar from Dallas, Texas would like to know:

What is your take on "field-fillers" or "Buschwackers"?
How do you feel about the COT?

Jerry: Not big on the fieldfillers... The Buschwackers (now Nationwide Wackers, lol) is good because it gets those guys more ready if they want to move up to the sprint prepares them...The C.O.T. is better...They don't look better but they are safer.

TheOutlaw81513 from Athens, Texas would like to know:

What do you feel your memorable / greatest achievement in NASCAR was?

Jerry: Winning Atlanta and the No Bull sprint race at Lowes.

Bonus Question: What is your Favorite Pie?

Jerry: Pecan Pie with Ice Cream

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